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Back to school tax credits

As the leaves start to fall and students start to dread the approaching school year, life gets inescapably busy. The summer always seems to fly by and when September hits, parents of post-secondary students find themselves frantically moving their kids into dorms and shelling out cash for textbooks. With all of this chaos, many people Read More


Tax problems with your inheritance

When someone passes away, it’s unfortunately common for their estate to include some messy tax problems. Unless the individual or their family is on the ball and has been taking proper care of their taxes, they might be leaving behind quite a headache. What kinds of tax problems occur with the deceased? There are a Read More


Do I really need a bookkeeper?

At AP Tax, we offer accounting services, like preparing tax returns, but we also provide bookkeeping in Toronto. One of the questions we are regularly asked is whether or not a business needs an accountant or a bookkeeper (most likely, both). We think that the main reason that we’re asked this question is that the Read More

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SR&ED: Cash in on research and development!

Canada is known around the world as one of the biggest supporters of Scientific Research and Experimental Development, primarily through it’s SR&ED tax incentive program. Every year, the SR&ED program hands over $4 billion worth of investment tax credits (ITC) to over 18,000 Canadian corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships and trusts. That’s a lot of money Read More

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Is your hobby a business?

A common question we receive is: Can I claim business expenses for my hobby? While it’s tempting to call your hobby a business because of all of those great business expense tax write-offs, the process is a little trickier than simply filing certain tax forms. Why does it matter? The main benefit of considering your Read More

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I’ve filed my tax return, but I made a mistake!

Making an error when you file your tax return happens – especially when you’re unfamiliar with new tax laws or a change in your tax situation. Sometimes a form’s wording is confusing and people insert incorrect information or other times, someone makes a simple human error. In most cases, there are set steps you need Read More

apple iMac

The Lowdown on Apple’s Tax Controversy

Arguably the biggest financial headlines, this week, all have to do with Apple. CEO Tim Cook has been forced to defend Apple’s tax practices and prove that they have been working strategically, but not illegally, to pay the least amount of taxes possible. As tax specialists who work with cross-border tax situations, we will be Read More

tax audit

What do I do if I’m being audited?

Tax time is over! Now, along with the relief you feel after filing your taxes, you might be experiencing nervousness that you’ll be audited. Don’t worry! People and businesses are audited all the time. If you have filed an accurate and honest tax return, you have nothing to be concerned about. We know that telling Read More

foreign currency

A Beginner’s Guide to Foreign Tax Credit

If you’re new to living in Canada and are a US citizen, you might not know the details of the Canada – US Tax Treaty. This doesn’t seem like a subject the average person needs to be well versed in, but if you’re a US citizen living in Canada, you should get familiar with the Read More


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        About AP Tax Group

        Our goal is to provide a value added service to our clients, by saving tax whenever possible. In designing tax planning arrangements, domestically and/or internationally, we strive to create structures that are tax efficient while meeting the client's individual and business objectives.

        Our team is made up of highly experienced accounting professionals and staff, specializing in Canadian and U.S. tax planning and preparation. They pride themselves and are committed to providing value to every client, large or small.
        Avner Polatsek, Principal
        Avner Polatsek founded AP Tax Group in 2009, after serving as Controller at a Toronto-based railing manufacturer. Avner holds a Masters degree from Ner Israel College in Canada, and received a Certificate of Honours at Indiana University in Advanced Accounting. He successfully completed the CPA examination through the state of New Hampshire.

        In addition to heading up AP Tax Group, Avner serves on the board of several charities and regularly contributes tax advice columns to Canadian publications. Avner is an active member of the Global Associates of Risk Professionals, an organization dedicated to leadership in the area of accounting standards.

        David Bennett, Associate Accountant

        David is a recent addition to the AP Tax Team.
        Ari Belzberg, Associate Accountant

        Ari is a recent addition to the AP Tax Team.

        Our Services

        At AP Tax Group, we provide you with a range of customized bookkeeping and accounting services to meet your specific needs.

        Insurance Claims Forensic Accounting

        AP Forensic Accountants is a world class provider of insurance claim consulting and forensic accounting services. We are well respected by both policy holders and insurance companies because we prepare comprehensive, logical and well-documented claims that result in reasonable insurance claim settlements. In addition to preparing claims, we serve as testifying experts on insurance coverage litigation matters. We also assist our clients on pre-loss matters, such as business interruption values and maximum probable loss studies.

        AP Forensic Accountants are uniquely qualified to provide forensic accounting and insurance claims consulting services:
        We prepare claims across a wide variety of industries including high technology, manufacturing, hospitality and gaming, retail, real estate, oil and gas, energy, chemicals, hospitals, transportation, medical devices, mining, food production and others.

        We prepare complex property and business interruption claims involving earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods, tornadoes, terrorist attacks, builders risk, equipment breakdowns, product recalls, and others.

        Our Service Offerings: Forensic Accounting & Claim Preparation, Expert Witness Testimony & Litigation Support, Analysis of Insurable Values, Maximum Probable Loss (“MPL”) Studies, CGL Insurance Allocations

        Custom Bookkeeping Solutions

        Making sound business decisions means having a clear financial picture of your business. At AP Tax Group, we design simple, affordable bookkeeping solutions customized for you, which will require minimal effort on your part. With our simple solutions, you will save on office space, equipment, software, and employee salaries and benefits.
        A sample solution that we have implemented for some of our clients:

        • As our clients receive paperwork (bank statements, invoices etc.) they provide it to us, either electronically (via secure email / fax) or in hard copy (via mail or secure dropbox).
        • We provide periodic (weekly / monthly) reports, tailored to our clients needs.

        We sort, organize, and enter your bills into accounting software and provide you with weekly / monthly reports, as well as on demand. Your bookkeeping records will be complete and up-to-date. At year end, your records will be accurate and organized, facilitating the preparation of accurate tax returns and financial statements.

        Financial Statements

        Financial Statements: we compile and prepare financial statements in Notice-to-Reader format for privately held corporations.

        Tax Preparation and Compliance

        At AP Tax Group, we provide friendly, helpful assistance with all your tax preparation and compliance needs. Our services are confidential, affordable, and in compliance with accounting industry standards and all applicable laws and regulations. We prepare and file all U.S. and Canadian tax returns and related tax filings. Corporate, individual, estate and trust- we have the professional knowledge in both the U.S. and Canadian tax areas to minimize liabilities and maximize refunds.

        Personal Tax Returns

        At AP Tax Group we serve a variety of individuals from self-employed, commissioned salespersons, sole proprietors, business partnership, and estates and trusts. We pride ourselves on our diverse customer base and have designed our personal tax services to ensure that the needs of each of our clients are met. We also prepare your statement of rental income, calculate capital gains/losses on your investment portfolio, and prepare allowable business investment losses (ABILs) calculations.
        Additionally, if you or one of your parents is a U.S. citizen, but you do not have the proper U.S. identification to claim your eligible refunds, we will guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary identification.

        Corporate and Not-for-Profit Tax Returns

        Whether you are a U.S. or Canadian corporation, not-for-profit, professional corporation, personal services corporation, holding company, or partnership, we work to maximize your deductions and minimize your tax bill, no matter the size of your business.
        SR&ED/R&D Tax Credits: If your company is developing a new product, improving an existing product, redesigning your production methods, or reducing the environmental impact of your manufacturing process, you may qualify for substantial tax credits.

        Tax Advisory and Consulting Services

        Canadian and U.S. tax law is complex and continuously changing. Expert advice on the complete spectrum of tax concerns relevant to a proposed business structure, transaction, or investment is essential. We advise businesses to help them ensure they are structured in a tax efficient manner, as well as analyze the tax implications of business decisions, and select the best possible structure for proposed transactions and investments. A small sampling of tax planning areas where we regularly assist our clients: 

        • decisions about incorporating your business
        • setting up a Family Trust or Holding Company
        • advice on paying yourself salary vs. dividends
        • advice on maximizing the tax benefits of shareholder loans
        Tax Controversy Resolution Services

        We represent clients in tax disputes and advise clients and their professional advisors on the merits of potential tax positions. A small sampling of tax controversy areas where we regularly assist our clients: 

        • advice on CRA and IRS reviews or audits
        • assistance with handling disputes with the CRA and IRS
        • filing a Notice of Objection
        • applications under the Voluntary Disclosure Program

        Reference Library

        Click on a section below to view links to other important web pages, as well as links to downloadable forms along with instructions on how to properly complete the forms.

        Quick Links for Starting a Business
        Quick Links for Indivduals
        Information for U.S. Citizens or Dual Citizens Residing Outside the U.S.


        We are always proudest when our clients are completely satisfied. Below are some of the things our clients have said.

        AP Tax Group has been a pleasure to work with. They have explained things clearly to me and have implemented all work in a professional, courteous and timely manner.

        Gerald Lebovic

        Faced with a multi-national complicated tax return, I was thorough in my due diligence before choosing Mr. Polatsek. I was completely satisfied with the service and expertise that Avner provided.  He was precise, timely and understood the complex issues but was able to communicate them in a comprehensible manner.  As a further bonus, when additional requests were needed Avner quickly responded and refused to charge additionally which would have been fully warranted.

        Stephen Beker

        I have done my personal taxes with AP Tax Group for the past three years.  They are professional and thorough, always taking the time to give me personal attention and answer all of my questions. This past year my situation was complicated as I had moved in the middle of the year from Canada to the United States. They were attentive to every detail while providing me with a quick and easy tax filing process.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for an accountant who is well versed in both Canadian and U.S. tax law.

        Jay Wohlgelertner

        My experience with AP Tax Group was wonderful. I found them to be personable and efficient.

        Michael Breiner

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